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    2005 Nobel winner Pinter visited Turkey in protest in 1985

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    14 Ekim 2005 - 12:04Son Güncelleme : 14 Ekim 2005 - 12:04

    British author and playwright Harold Pinter, who was awarded the 2005 Nobel Prize for Literature yesterday afternoon, visited Turkey some 20 years ago, along with American writer Athur Miller, who was at the time the president of the international writers' group, PEN. When they arrived in Turkey in 1985, Pinter and Miller were picked up from the airport by Turkish authors Orhan Pamuk and Gunduz Vassaf. The purpose behind Pinter and Miller's visits to Istanbul and Ankara was to protest the jailing and purported torture of Turkish writers, and to this end, Pinter and Miller made an infamous visit to the US Embassy in Ankara to register their complaints on the behalf of PEN.

    In an incident Pinter has described in his biography, the American Ambassador in Ankara at that time, Robert Hupe, was reportedly incensed at Pinter's words of protest, and, claiming that the author had no idea of what the real political situation in Turkey at that time was, banished Pinter from the US Embassy buildings.
    Noteably, around this time, Pinter wrote "The Language of the Mountains," a play about the ban on Kurdish language in Turkey during the 1970s and 80s.


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