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    20 Thousand Biographies In Hizbollah

    Hürriyet Haber
    13.10.2003 - 15:41 | Son Güncelleme: 13.10.2003 - 15:41

    Gokhan Aydiner, the Security General Director, disclosed the facts about Hizbollah: “20 thousand people had submitted their biographies and joined Hizbollah, which they viewed as the party of Allah (God).”

    Aydiner told Hurriyet, “When I became the governor of the state of emergency region and attended a briefing about Hizbollah, I was horrified for the first time in my life. It was an unparalleled threat. The philosophy of the organization is to found a religious state on the basis of Sharia and in a way to reflect the model of a specific neighboring country. Approximately 20 thousand people, thinking that this organization was the party of Allah (God), submitted many things related to themselves, including their biographies, to join it.

    My immediate conclusion was this: This organization provides a service to a specific country and is being protected in return for that. While all other organizations undertake their activities to propagandize, this organization never claims responsibility for what it did. However, it acts in such a way to make you understand that it is Hizbollah. As a result of that, the state is accused of committing summary execution.

    “I immediately prepared my reports and submitted them to the Interior Ministry. I saw that there was no substantial knowledge in the higher ranks, about the issue. Then I charged the Security Directorate of Diyarbakir with forming a data bank, which facilitated the information flow. At the end, we destroyed the targets and organization stage of Hizbollah and made it impossible to act.

    “At the time there are 9 fundamental Islamist and 93 radical leftist organizations, apart from KADEK, in Turkey.”



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